New Video, Demo Update, and a Dev Blog9/6/2007 - KungFuMonkey

A few things to announce here. We have a new video out that is a bit different from our other videos. It shows off an unscripted multiplayer game with some commentary by me. You can check it out here.

With the release of the 1.06 patch, we decided to enhance the demo version by including all objective maps. This should give a first-time player some better variety for the maps they can play on. We have also reset all demo expiration times, so if you ran out of time on your demo, you'll be able to check out the game some more :-)

Another thing worth mentioning for the 1.06 patch is that we have integrated several Steam features, including the Steam Community system. It took some work to get it all running since Hyperbol isn't a Source game. The new features include:

  • See who on your Steam friends list is playing Hyperbol and what server they're playing on.
  • View extended info on servers via the Steam interface including the number of players, who the players are, which map is being played, ping, etc. Basically the standard stuff you would see if it were a Source based game.
  • Ensured Hyperbol is compatible with the Steam Community Overlay, so you can access your Steam features from within the game.
  • Able to add servers as Favorites and join them directly from Steam.
  • Official Steam Community Group. The devs tend to idle in the group chat channel, as well as our own IRC Channel

We have some more Steam integration features planned for the future so we can fully take advantage of what Steam has to offer.

On top of all that stuff, we have a new Dev Blog set up so we can share some info and news about the team in a blog format. The first entry there covers the origins of the team and has some pictures of our earlier projects. I'll try to get a new entry in there every Wednesday. If there's a particular topic you would like me to cover in the blog, feel free to make a request on our forums :-)

Objective Weekend8/17/2007 - KungFuMonkey

Starting today, and ending Monday at midnight PST, all credits earned from an official objective game will be double. The bonus credits will appear after you leave the game. Also, for the duration of this promotion, all new characters created will get some extra starting credits (about triple) to help them get a head start.

And while we're talking about money, we've updated how our referral system works. In addition to getting the special ships, each referral will award 2,500 credits to all of your characters. Of course, you should want to refer people out of the kindness of your heart, but some extra credits is another way for us to say thank you :-)

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