Dedicated Server FAQ
Please note that all 'official' servers are bound by the Official Server agreement, found here.

Q: What is an 'Official' Starport Dedicated Server?
A: An Official server is a specially registered server. These servers track stats, experience, and credits for characters. They are governed by a much stricter set of rules, to keep an even playing field. Servers do not have to be official, but only official ones earn experience and credits and count for rankings on leaderboards.

Q: Do I need to register unofficial servers?
A: No. To run unofficial internet games, no action needs be taken at all except to configure your dedicated server as you normally would (choose a map cycle, etc), and then run it.

Q: Do I need to purchase a full account to run an official Dedicated Server?
A: No - you do need to register a Starport account and create at least one Starport character. You can then register servers to add that account.

Q: How do I set up an official server?
A: Once you have a Starport account, you need to add your server to it. Click on the "Server Administration" link at the bottom of any Starport page once logged in, and click the "Add a Server" link. You must agree to the Server Code of Conduct agreement in order to add an official server, because the playing field must stay even for all players.

On the next page, there are a few fields to fill out about your server. You do not need to fill out additional information unless you want to. The most important items here are the Game Type and the port.

Once you've filled out the form, the server is registered. You can (and should) download a config file from that page, which will configure your server. It is highly recommended that you download the standalone dedicated server installer (from the downloads page), and use that, to keep any game installations seperate from the server. Placing the hostoptions.cfg file in the data folder of the game, then running the dedicated server (hyperbol_ds.exe) will start the official server without any other action needed by you.

Q: May I alter the configuration?
A: All server configuration should be done through the starport server administration site.

Q: What about firewalls and routers?
A: When you register a server, you choose a port for it. That port must be accessible from the outside. If you have a firewall, or a router, you might need to inform the device that it must forward all connections that are asking for that port, to the machine doing the servering. No other ports need be opened.

Q: What about multiple servers on the same machine or network?
A: You can download multiple hostoptions.cfg files and place them all in the data folder (name them differently). Then start multiple instances of the dedicated server, and use the '-configfile' command line argument to give a different configfile to each instance. Use '-configfile filename.cfg'. Config files must be placed in the data folder.

Q: How do I automatically run dedicated servers in high priority mode?
A: You can use the '-highpriority' command line argument. You should never use this argument with the normal game executable, only the dedicated servers.

Q: How much bandwidth and CPU do I need?
A: You should peak average 3-4k outgoing for each connected client, with much lower incoming. Please size your servers appropriately. When nobody is connected, the dedicated server uses almost no CPU, (zero percent for most of the time), but that can rise sharply when players connect and start firing things. Since every computer is different, its not possible to predict how much of your CPU it might use. Many adminstrators can run several servers on the same machine, with reasonably modern hardware.

Q: Can I remotely administrate my server(s)?
A: You can add a password to your server which will let any connected player control it that knows the password. To do so, edit the config file. Add the following to it:
Server_RCON_Password: "password"
for example
Server_RCON_Password: "threadspacerules"

Once you've done this, start the server up (remember, never alter config files while the server is running). Connected players can now type rcon in the console. To access the console, clients press the tilde key once connected.
rcon {PASSWORD} {COMMAND execute to server for}
rcon threadspacerules "kick 01"

Note that once you have run the server once with this rcon password in the config file, ThreadSpace: Hyperbol will change it into a hash, and re-save the file, so that nobody can actually see the password, even if you were to give them the config file. You still shouldn't give them the config file.

Q: What administrative commands are there for RCON and direct servers?
A: You can kick, ban, move to the next map, and send messages to connected players as the admin. To kick or ban a player, you need their ID. To see this, use the 'playerlist' console command. Once you have it, just type 'kick ' or 'ban ' in the server console (or use RCON). The nextmap command 'nextmap' can only be used within the first few seconds or so of a new map in official servers (to prevent exploitation), but can be used anytime in unofficial ones.

Official servers should not be kicking or banning players without adequate reasons, for example to force victory to the administrator's preferred team. This would fall under the category of stat padding, and would be a violation of the Code of Conduct.

Q: What happens if the Code of Conduct is broken?
A: We like a good even playing field. If you want to run a crazy server (for example with altered damages), you can still run an unofficial internet game, without having to register your server or anything. Same with LAN dedicated servers. If we find servers breaking the code of conduct (players can report them, as well as other ways of discovery), or otherwise altering the game in a way that would create an uneven playing field, we reserve the right to retroactively remove stats, exp, credits, and ban servers or accounts from hosting official games.
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